The Virtual University in the World and the Establishment of International Graphic Arts & Printing University


1. Introduction
 On entitled " the future in virtual university " the author announced to the New Year Number of daily M( on January 4th, 2001.
There are introduced a case in the university of America and Korea about On-line Distance Education and got up the conception of Eurasia Crossing Information Network Korea and so on. (1)
 U.S. Distance Learning Association (USDLA) ( is collecting the information of the On-line education about each field of the education, the industry and the service.
 In the university, the Stanford and the Colorado opened a lecture on the university generally by the cooperation with the industrial enterprise beginning from 1996.
 The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) by which the field of the graphic arts education has results worldwide ( exhibits lecture by the Internet at the rank of 4th of On-line Distance Education in America .
The doctoral course of Image Science in RIT isn't yet installed in On-line Distance Education.
 The Japanese Distance Learning Society ( is established in May, 1998 and is showing lively activity such as the research releasing, the publication of the society magazine, the opening of an international conference.  The international conference (The 2nd International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education & Training) which is held by this society sponsorship of Kumamoto university from July 4th to the 6th ,2001.
 The On-line Distance Education is worldwide forming in the university and the industrial field.
University council ( about the state of the higher education which is demanded in the globalization times is submitting a report to Minister of Education & Science in Japan.
There are problem as the communication infrastructure and the regulation relaxation, but it let's be possible to say the step which began examination barely for the front of the government in the IT revolution of the world.
 The paper deals with about the virtual education in the world and the establishment idea of International Graphic Arts & Printing University (IGU)
( (2)

2. The Virtual University in the World
3. The On-line Education in Japan
4. Establishment of the International Graphic Arts & Printing University

5. The Contents of Six Departments and On-line Learning
The International Graphic Arts & Printing University is a virtual university have established in Japan for the first time in June 16 th , 2000.
 The activity of the education and the research was started with the guest professors and the administers.
The International Graphic Arts & Printing University consists of two Faculty of the Graphic Arts and Faculty of the Communication.
The Faculty of the Graphic Arts makes main constitution of analog system, and installs the Department of Printing Image History, the Printing Education and the Image Reproduction.
The Faculty of the Communication by digital prospects consists of three Departments of The Computer Processing, the Image Communication and the Printing Futurology.
These six departments are composed of the following subjects;
(1) The Department of The Printing Image History
Printing History, Gutenberg Study, Printing Museum
(2) The Department of The Printing Education
Printing Education Theory, Distance Learning for Printing, WBT(Web Based Training)
(3) The Department of The Image Reproduction
Tone Reproduction, Color Reproduction, Printability, Printing Management
(4) The Department of The Computer Processing
Press & Prepress, DTP, On Demand Printing, Work Flow, Color Management
(5) The Department of The Image Communication
Network, Image Evaluation, Image & Color System
(6) The Department of The Futurology
Printing & Graphic Arts Industry, Future of Digitalization, Prediction of Graphic Arts & Printing World
Moreover, The three basic subjects in the introduction for the entrance of International Graphic Arts & Printing University are consisted of the Theory of Graphic Arts, the Theory of Color Science, the Theory of Information Technology.
 These basic subjects take up theme related to graphic arts and printing technology.
The guest professor is delivering the explanation and question by E-Mail. The student delivers the answer after two weeks, and the professor corrects and guides with the model answer.
 There is the subject of research study. The theme and the abstract of the research are summarized on the home page of International Graphic Arts & Printing University.

6. Conclusion
 The student has the logic institution type and the feeling institution type.
The professor must be established the teaching method corresponding to individual needs.
 It is important to raise the information and media literacy to make advances year by year. International Graphic Arts & Printing University develops to be always argument such as the syllabus exhibition on the subject, and then interchanges with the related university.
 The students and the professor about On-line Distance Education must be interactive in a pair based on the computer technology and securing an intellectual request.
 The establishment of International Graphic Arts & Printing University in April,2000 was the most suitable time in the graphic arts & printing department decreasing & reducing environment in Japan.

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( Received April 30th, 2001)

# International Graphic Arts & Printing University
President Dr. Akihiro KINOSHITA



1、 はじめに
 著者は2001年1月4日のデイリーM(の新年号に「バーチャル大学の将来」と題して発表した。そこではOn-line Distance Educationに関するアメリカと韓国の大学の事例などを紹介し、ユーラシア横断情報網韓国構想などをまとめた。(1)
 U.S. Distance Learning Association(USDLA) (は教育、産業、サービスなどの各分野に於けるOn-line教育の情報収集していて長い実績がある。
 印刷教育の分野で世界的に実績のあるRochester工科大学(RIT) (はアメリカで第4位のOn-line Distance Educationの規模でインターネットにより大学講座を公開し、印刷分野でもUnder Graduateコース のImage Reproductionの学科目、GraduateコースでImage Science, Information Technologyなどを開講している。Image Scienceの博士課程はOn-line Distance Educationに未だ設置されていない。
 アメリカのOn-line教育は一般に2001年3月12日から5月29日までが Spring Quarter期間であり各大学受講生の募集をしていた。
 日本では放送大学が中心となり、日本デスタンスラーニング(Distance Learning)学会(が1998年5月に設立され、研究発表,学会誌の刊行、国際会議の開催など活発な活動をみせている。
この学会主催で開催される国際会議(The 2nd International Conference on Information Technology based Higher Education & Training)は2001年7月4日から6日まで熊本大学が当番校で行われる。この会議にヨーロッパから工学教育協会会長のHedberg氏、アメリカからIllinois大学のOakley氏が招待される。
 このように世界的にOn-line Distance Educationは大学、産業界で定着してきているが日本は2000年6月に大学審議会(が「グローバル化時代に求められる高等教育の在り方について」を文部科学大臣に答申をしている。
 On-line Distance Educationはコンピュータ技術をもとに受講者と教授側がインターラクチブに対話し知的要求を確保することにある。
 そこで本論は2000年6月16日に開学した国際印刷大学校(理事長 石川忠、学長 木下堯博)( (2)の設立理念、経過などを中心として世界のバーチャル教育に関してまとめた。
 1、各地での講演会開催 2、基礎学科目(グラフィツクアーツ学、色彩学、情報学)の開講と講義実施 3、国際印刷大学校研究報告創刊号の刊行(図2)4、教授会の開催 5、drupa2000の参加など

7、 まとめ

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 Cheongju Early Printing Museum
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(11)The 32nd Conference of International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts, Technology & Management
 遠隔教育とOn-line Distance Educationとは異なる。
つまり前者は文部科学省が省令などでまとめている。これは主として印刷教材,ビデオなどを送付して教育を行うことである。後者のOn-line Distance Education はマルチメディア教育の発展過程で生まれたものであり、双方向性のあるシステムであると解釈した。
On-line Distance EducationとOn-line教育とは前者が世界的広域をカバーするに対して後者は国内や学内を中心とした範囲と考えている。