up dated,October 2018
¥The profile

The NameG


The Permanent AdressG

860 , 5 -Chome ,Nishi-Nipori, Arakawa Ku, Tokyo

The Date of Birth G

December 23rd, 1933

The Present AddressG

10-10-8,Jyugaoka,Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan §811-4163
Tel(Fax) +81-940-33-2889 Fax

The Working Place G

President The International Graphic Arts And Printing University
Emeritus Professor of Kyushu Sangyo University

The Research AddressG

29-12 ,2 -Chome ,Aoba, Higashi-Murayama City, Tokyo@§189-0002
Tel +81-42-395-5561, Fax +81-42-392-8216

I, the education

March,1956;Gradulate in Faculty of Engineering, The Chiba University
March, 1985; Ph D in Engineering from The University of Tokyo

II, the work experience

June, 1964; The Heidelberg University in Germany studying abroad
April, 1968; The Kyushu Sangyo University Assistant Professor
April, 1975; The University Professor
April, 1976; The University , Chief of Academy Affair ( 4th period 8 years)
April, 1983; The University, Dean of Arts ( 2 nd period 4 years )
April, 2000; The International Graphic Arts and Printing University Representative
June, 2000; President of The International Graphic Arts and Printing University
October,2018; in the present.@